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Feeling anxious about Ukraine?

Feeling anxious about Ukraine?

28 Feb 2022

Lily Owens

Right now, with constant headline news about the tragedy in Ukraine, it is hard not to feel anxious. It can be overwhelming and incredibly distressing. For someone with anxiety, it can become debilitating.  

It is important to be aware, but a part of managing your own mental health is knowing how to look after yourself. If you’re like me, the news can become so overwhelming that you can start to feel very low and extremely anxious about your future. When you’re feeling this way, it is important to remember these simple tools.  

Number one: Try to limit your news intake. The constant consumption of headlines and distressing news stories can start to become a burden and will no longer be effective to you. Information and being proactive is important but too much of one thing, like all things, will lead to it having the opposite effect.  

Number two: Stay focussed on the realities of today. It is definitely easy to spiral, when you suffer from anxiety. Your thoughts take over and you become increasingly less rational. You can only control this moment, right now - constant fear and anxiety about ‘what if’s’ and future speculations will only cause you distress.  

Number three: Allow yourself to feel empathy for the Ukrainians; it is devastating what they’re dealing with. However, you’re only one person and cannot take on the pain and suffering of an entire country. Release yourself from holding their pain, and do what you can in your situation, to help.  

Although we are separated by borders, we are all human. We all experience fear and deserve kindness.  

I will link several organisations that you can support, who are aiding the Ukrainian crisis.  

If you are feeling anxious about the crisis in Ukraine, you can look through some of the links below, practice those three steps and reach out to those around you.

...Oh and us here at Hope in Depression of course! We have lots of upcoming courses, check out our website for more information.

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