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Mental Health does not discriminate

Mental Health does not discriminate

3 May 2022

Charles Ravenhill

Does your personality type and traits make you more or less prone to mental health issues?

This may seem like a strange question to ask as it is not true but I have seen so many myths on this being shared.

For example a misconception is that "extraverts have lots of friends, whilst an introvert is isolated because of this extraverts don't experience depression" If this is true then why do extroverts get depression, just as introverts do? Remember that 1 in 4 people will get depression in their lifetime.

Another one is the assumption that if someone is less sensitive then they are able to cope with the hard knocks of life and they would be less prone to depression. Yet, there is strong evidence to suggest that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is due to having to be stoic in the face of overwhelming trauma.

Lastly, the consideration that somehow anxiety and depression are a sign of weakness and thus their are stronger minded people who would not fall into it.

The truth of it is this. Anxiety and depression can happen to aryone given the conditions, negative life experiences and a family history of mental ill-health. Anyone who believes that they are immune is actually at the greatest risk.

In my experience, the strongest and boldest decision is always this. Accept. Are you prepared to accept the possibility that, for whatever reason, you may have a mental health condition? Be Brave - just because you have a mental health condition, it is not a death sentence (and I mean this literally in some cases) and "it's OK not to be OK"! Are you willing to fight to be as good as you can be. Finally Consider Making Changes- consider meeting up with others who are in a similar place, consider going on the Hope In Depression course as a tool kit for self-help, consider what can be done to help maintain your mental health and what it is that you may need to change in your life to help that.

So whether you are an extravert or an introvert, or an extraverted introvert, "hard" or "sensitive", "weak" or "strong" in your own eyes or know of family members who also struggle with their mental health. Take that first brave step in believing that you can get better and you can do something about it because this is the bravest step.